Friday, June 3, 2016

NIH Policy on Rigor and Reproducibility

National Institutes of Health: Grants & Funding; Policy & Compliance

Rigor and Reproducibility

Scientific rigor and transparency in conducting biomedical research is key to the successful application of knowledge toward improving health outcomes. The information provided on this website is designed to assist the extramural community in addressing rigor and transparency in NIH grant applications and progress reports.


The NIH strives to exemplify and promote the highest level of scientific integrity, public accountability, and social responsibility in the conduct of science. Updates to grant applications instructions and review language are intended to:
  • clarify long-standing expectations to ensure that NIH is funding the best and most rigorous science,
  • highlight the need for applicants to describe details that may have been previously overlooked,
  • highlight the need for reviewers to consider such details in their reviews through updated review language, and 
  • minimize additional burden.
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