Wednesday, June 17, 2015

MLA International Bibliography Launches ORCID App

The MLA International Bibliography is pleased to announce the launch of MLA BibLink, a new application that enables authors to associate their works listed in the bibliography with a unique author identification number from ORCID. MLA BibLink allows you to search the MLA Bibliography for your publications, including works you’ve published under variant names, and in one click link them to your ORCID identifier to create a digital record of your scholarship. If you’ve already created an ORCID profile, any alternative names you’ve included there will be prepopulated in an MLA BibLink search. Haven’t created an ORCID profile yet? You can register for one from the MLA BibLink welcome page ( and immediately start adding works.

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Director of Bibliographic Information Services and Editor, MLA International Bibliography

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Top Ten UC Irvine Articles Accessed in eScholarship for May 2015

Top Ten UC Irvine Articles Accessed in eScholarship for May 2015

Below is an overview of the number of views and downloads for this month, along with links to your usage numbers from previous months and additional data. We feel that the combination of views and downloads gives a more accurate picture of the interest in and usage of your publications than is reflected in download counts alone, particularly given the enhanced access readers have to your publications prior to download in the eScholarship interface.

UC Irvine Previously Published Works

For this month your total requests = 6634 (views=4842, downloads=1792).

Breakdown By Item

Top Ten Articles Viewed and Downloaded - May 2015
ItemYear---- Number of Requests ----TotalAdded to
TitlePublishedViewsDownloadsRequests"My Items"
Theorizing Practice and Practicing Theory20113944830
Sustainability. Systems integration for global sustainability.20154833810
Effects of a combination of beta carotene and vitamin A on lung cancer and cardiovascular disease.1996708780
Science education. Changing the culture of science education at research universities.20112631570
Sharon’s Noranian Turn: Stardom, Embodiment, and Language in Philippine Cinema2009445490
The impact of laptop-free zones on student performance and attitudes in large lectures20123018480
Corporate social responsibility as a source of employee satisfaction20121829470
End-of-Life care: guidelines for patient-centered communication.20083017470
Flattening of the interventricular septum (D-shaped left ventricle) in addition to high right ventricular tracer uptake and increased right ventricular volume found on gated SPECT studies strongly correlates with right ventricular overload2005420420
The Economics of Autocracy and Majority Rule19962715420



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