Thursday, October 29, 2015

KU/OAPEN Press Release: Google Scholar Indexes Open Access Books

 Google Scholar Indexes Open Access Books 

The length of monographs and their level of treatment pose unique challenges in a search environment. Monographs generally describe mature work unlike journal articles, which usually describe early stage work. As a result, it can be hard to achieve a successful search experience for restricted access monographs, according to Anurag Acharya of Google Scholar.

After asking Acharya (co-founder of Google Scholar) why Google Scholar did not index monographs, Frances Pinter of Knowledge Unlatched (KU) says, “I realized that such challenges fall by the wayside with Open Access books.”  

Pinter explained that the dataset of 28 books from the KU Pilot was likely to be too small for Google to try out on open books. “So I told Anurag Acharya about OAPEN’s platform and its nearly 2,500 Open Access books,” says Pinter.

OAPEN and Knowledge Unlatched are pleased to announce that Google Scholar is now able to index Open Access books hosted by OAPEN.

Please find October 28, 2015 full press release here:

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