Monday, October 26, 2015

Announcing the University of California Presidential Open Access Policy - October 23, 2015

Today (October 23, 2015)  the University of California expands the reach of its research publications by issuing a Presidential Open Access Policy, allowing future scholarly articles authored by all UC employees to be freely shared with readers worldwide. Building on UC’s previously-adopted Academic Senate open access (OA) policies, this new policy enables the university system and associated national labs to provide unprecedented access to scholarly research authored by clinical faculty, lecturers, staff researchers, postdoctoral scholars, graduate students and librarians – just to name a few. Comprising ten campuses, five medical centers, three national laboratories and nearly 200,000 employees, the UC system is responsible for over 2% of the world’s total research publications. UC’s collective OA policies now cover more authors than any other institutional OA policy to date.

Presidential Open Access Policy  (Signed October 23, 2015)

Learn more about open access policies and their implementations at UC:

Announced 26 October 2015 : Groundbreaking University of California policy extends free access to all scholarly articles written by UC employees, Office of Scholarly Communications, California Digital Library

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