Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New Open-Access Humanities Press Makes Its Debut

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New Open-Access Humanities Press Makes Its Debut


Scholars in the sciences have been light-years ahead of their peers in the humanities in exploring the possibilities of open-access publishing. But a new venture with prominent academic backers, the Open Humanities Press, wants to help humanists close the gap.

The nonprofit operation—described by those involved...

About Open Humanities Press
Gary Hall and Sigi Jottkandt met with faculty and librarians at UC Irvine on April 3, 2008 in a stimulating discussion. I know that I got a lot of useful information, and I sensed that it may have been the same for each of you. Here is a group of urls compiled by Maureen Burns (thank you, Maureen!), to which I've added a few, that came out of the meeting. I've also indicated where participants in today's meeting have affiliations with these journals/repositories, etc. If any of you would like to add others, or if you have some fine-tuning to the following, please respond to this e-list.

I also have gotten feedback from some of you expressing further interest in the e-Scholarship repository, for which I imagine a few of us could put together a workshop. Let me know if you have other ideas that came out of this meeting.

Open Humanities Press (Co-Founders: Gary Hall and Sigi Jottkandt)
Postmodern Culture (Editor: Eyal Amiran)
Project MUSE
Council of Editors of Learned Journals
Karagarga Info (e-mail Mark Poster for an invite)
UC CDL eScholarship Repository
Journal for Learning through the Arts (Systems Administrator: Maureen Burns; Copy Editor, Barbara Cohen)
Public Knowledge Project
Open Journal Systems
Sample of Journals
First Monday
Culture Machine (Co Executive Editor: Gary Hall)
Cultural Studies e-archive (CSeARCH) (Gary Hall)
Thomson Scientific

Make Textbooks Affordable campaign
Open Students

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