Monday, March 17, 2008

SCOAP3 webcast held at UC Berkeley (Feb.29, 2008)

The webcast of the recent SCOAP3 focal meeting hosted at Berkeley -- including Ivy Anderson's excellent overview of the UC SCOAP3 review process -- is now available online in three venues. For those of you who could not attend, here are the links.

Berkeley webcast:

iTunesU Library System Playlist:


Background on SOAP3

At the IATUL Conference, being held in Stockholm this week, Rudiger Voss, CERN, outlined in his keynote speech a practical approach for a transition of High Energy Physics scientific publishing to Open Access.

This approach is centred on the conversion of existing high-quality journals to Open Access by re-directing subscriptions through a sponsoring consortium of High Energy Physics funding agencies and libraries worldwide.

Those of you who are not present at the conference this week and wish to access additional details on this initiative, named SCOAP3 (Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics), can consult a detailed document which is available at

Currently the emerging consortium are building alliances around the world to create a sustainable framework for financing high-quality open access particle physics journals. We have all reasons to believe that the publishers will be ready to take the titles that will be selected to be converted to OA out of the current subscription packages reducing the prices accordingly. Libraries, or consortia of libraries, interested in exploring the possibility of redirecting their current subscription costs towards covering peer-review costs for their academics within an Open Access schema are therefore invited to contact for further discussion.

A successful transition to Open Access can only take place with a strong involvement from the libraries around the world serving our global research community.

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