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Top Ten UC Irvine Articles Accessed in eScholarship for May 2017

Top Ten UC Irvine Articles Accessed in eScholarship for May 2017

Below is an overview of the number of views and downloads for this month, along with links to your usage numbers from previous months and additional data. We feel that the combination of views and downloads gives a more accurate picture of the interest in and usage of your publications than is reflected in download counts alone, particularly given the enhanced access readers have to your publications prior to download in the eScholarship interface.

UC Irvine Previously Published Works

For this month your total requests = 19482 (views=12717, downloads=6765).

Breakdown By Item

Top Ten Articles Viewed and Downloaded - May 2017
Item Year ---- Number of Requests ---- Total Added to
Title Published Views Downloads Requests "My Items"
Beyond Looking for My Penis: Reflections on Asian Gay Male Video Porn 1999 181 1 182 0
The impact of laptop-free zones on student performance and attitudes in large lectures 2012 86 56 142 0
Enterprise Risk Management: Review, Critique, and Research Directions 2015 79 45 124 0
Primary production of the biosphere: integrating terrestrial and oceanic components 1998 67 43 110 0
Emotion and False Memory 2016 64 42 106 0
An overview of polymyositis and dermatomyositis 2015 54 38 92 0
Measurements of Wγ and Zγ production in pp collisions at √s=7 TeV with the ATLAS detector at the LHC 2013 90 0 90 0
A Practice Theory Approach to Understanding the Interdependency of Nursing Practice and the Environment Implications for Nurse-Led Care Delivery Models 2015 59 25 84 0
Reconceptualizing Organizational Routines as a Source of Flexibility and Change 2003 51 32 83 0
Corporate social responsibility as a source of employee satisfaction 2012 51 31 82 0

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