Friday, November 18, 2016

Top Ten UC Irvine Articles Accessed in eScholarship for November 2016

Top Ten UC Irvine Articles Accessed in eScholarship for November 2016

Below is an overview of the number of views and downloads for this month, along with links to your usage numbers from previous months and additional data. We feel that the combination of views and downloads gives a more accurate picture of the interest in and usage of your publications than is reflected in download counts alone, particularly given the enhanced access readers have to your publications prior to download in the eScholarship interface.

UC Irvine Previously Published Works

For this month your total requests = 14947 (views=10202, downloads=4745).

Breakdown By Item

Top Ten Articles Viewed and Downloaded - November 2016

Item Year ---- Number of Requests ----
Title Published Total Nov/16 Oct/16
Kinematics Synthesis of Lower Limb Supporting Linkages 2015 154 153 1
Song of Youth: Youth Narratives and Representations of Young People in Contemporary Chinese Literature, Film, and Popular Culture 2016 106 9 97
Non-convex Optimization in Machine Learning: Provable Guarantees Using Tensor Methods 2016 99 34 65
Non-convex Optimization Methods for Sparse and Low-rank Reconstruction 2016 58 35 23
Investigation of the Effects of Flipped Instruction on Student Exam Performance, Motivation and Perceptions 2016 54 47 7
Radiation Tolerant Interface Design and Complexion Dynamics via Atomistic Modeling 2016 54 40 14
The Role of Maltreatment in the Development of Emotion Regulation 2016 53 10 43
Security of Internet of Things Devices and Networks 2016 45 25 20
Biochemical and Structural Elucidation of Polyketide Synthase and Non-Ribosomal Peptide Synthetase Enzymes Using Novel Pantetheine Analogues 2015 43 39 4
Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory (HSAM): Memory Distortion Paradigms and Individual Differences 2015 42 27 15

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