Friday, May 13, 2011

The disgraceful interrogation of L.A. school librarians - LA Times (May 13, 2011)

If state education cuts are drastic, the librarians' only chance of keeping a paycheck is to prove they're qualified to be switched to classroom teaching. So LAUSD attorneys grill them.

The disgraceful interrogation of L.A. school librarians
By Hector Tobar
May 13, 2011
Los Angeles Times

"In a basement downtown, the librarians are being interrogated.

On most days, they work in middle schools and high schools operated by the Los Angeles Unified School District, fielding student queries about American history and Greek mythology, and retrieving copies of vampire novels.

But this week, you'll find them in a makeshift LAUSD courtroom set up on the bare concrete floor of a building on East 9th Street. Several sit in plastic chairs, watching from an improvised gallery as their fellow librarians are questioned.   <more>"

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