Friday, December 17, 2010

Real-time citation metrics

An article in Inside Higher Education that discusses various uses of web-based data of article use, including implications for what libraries are asked to pay and are willing to pay.

Steve Kolowich. New Measures of Scholarly Impact - Inside Higher Ed (17 Dec. 2010)

In the article is mentioned Springer Realtime, a tool to visualize download activity.
"Springer is launching a new free analytics tool which provides multiple visualizations of the usage that is generated worldwide by Springer's online products, including journals, books, images and protocols. aggregates the raw data on downloads of Springer journal articles and book chapters in real time from all over the world, and displays them in a variety of interactive visualizations such as: a map showing where the downloads are coming from, a constantly updating keyword tag cloud, and a visualization of total downloads. In addition, a search feature shows a chart of the downloads and the 'Top Five Most Downloaded' list for every journal or book. Springer launches (7 Dec 2010)"

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