Friday, July 10, 2009

Information about President Yudofs furlough/salary reduction proposal

President Yudof (President of the University of California) has just issued a video message and letter to faculty and staff regarding the proposal he is bringing to the Board of Regents next week concerning systemwide furloughs/salary reductions.

His video and letter may be viewed at
Video link from YouTube

"University of California President Mark Yudof today released details of a proposed plan to offset an anticipated $813 million reduction in support from the state general fund. It will be presented July 15 to the Board of Regents, which has final authority on the matter.

Yudof said the proposal was guided by a principle of shared sacrifice. As outlined, students, faculty, staff and administrators all will play a role in filling the gap in the university’s core funding.

“There is no question that the cuts to come will hurt,” said Yudof, who briefed reporters on the plan at UC Office of the President Oakland headquarters. “But we have worked hard to bring fairness to the process. At the same time, it’s imperative that we do the best we can to preserve the university’s ability to deliver high-quality education, research and patient care.”'

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